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Great Gift for Dad

Pendulums make a great gift for dad. Order yours today to make his day special.


Sand for Pendulums


Replacement Glass Beads (Sand) for your Pit & Pendulum can be purchased from Grand Illusions.

Our premium sand is designed to minimize friction and allow your pendulum to operate at an optimal level.  The extremely fine granules allow the pendulum to oscillate longer and continue to draw unique, ever changing geometric patterns.

Slate/Stone Pendulums

slate-pitpendulumSlate/Stone Finish Pendulums

Large & Small Sizes

Our slate/stone finish pendulums are made of a remarkable acrylic/resin finish to look exactly like Pennsylvania grey slate. They even approximate the weight of real slate. All metal parts are chrome plated.

Wood Pendulums

woodpendulumsbypitpendulumLarge Wood Pendulums:

  • 9″ Diameter, 23″ Tall
  • Office Credenza/Table Size
  • Natural, Black, or Cherry Finish

Small Wood Pendulums:

  • Diameter, 13″ Tall
  • Traditional Design Desk Top Size
  • Natural, Black, or Cherry Finish

Our newly-designed large wood pit and pendulums are available in a natural wood finish pictured with gold plated metal parts, a black lacquer finish with chrome plated metal parts and a cherry finish with gold plated metal parts.

Metal parts may be interchanged, ea. Cherry & Chrome, Black & Gold, etc. at no additional cost.


Review by T. Brooks on July 26, 2013

“This is a very nice quality item that produces great conversation and is simply fascinating to watch. I had originally ordered another sand & pendulum–which was very cheaply made (fortunately, it had several missing parts and I returned it and bought this one).”

Review by G. Jones, August 27, 2012

I have wanted one of these Pendulums for years. I tried to buy one last year around Christmas and they were all out of stock. So this year I thought ahead and looked earlier. It came quickly from Amazon. It makes beautiful patterns in the sand and is fascinating to watch. It is very relaxing watching the pendulum swing. I have discovered that if you put the whole thing on a turntable, such as a small (10in or so) Lazy Susan, that it draws in the sand like a Spirograph. It has made it even more enjoyable to use and watch.